About Us

VNT is an abbreviation for Valid News Today.

With VNT VENDOR, you can trade your Bitcoin and Other Cryptocurrencies Online. We provide you with Higher rates for your coins and we pay you for your coins Sharp Sharp.

Do you prefer to Contact us before selling your, Drop a Message for Us on WhatsApp: +2348153476584 or 08153476584 Begin Today and Start Selling your Bitcoin to us.

Follow Steps Below

Our Buying Rate is not static but changes daily, so you will check with us for before initiating a transaction.

For Example, lets say our rate for today is 550 Naira for 1 USD for bitcoin exchange, if you want to sell a 100 dollars worth of Bitcoin, we will pay you 550,000 Naira for the coin.

From the Example above, you can see that we pay you higher than the original rate exchange of dollars which at this time is 409.00 Naira.

You can choose to send your Bitcoin Bitcoin to us using our Bitcoin Address:


This is the only Bitcoin Address we offer on Validnewstoday, kindly check our terms of use to validate. Fill the Form Below after Sending your Bitcoin to us or Call us or send us a Message on WhatsApp with 08153476584.